Shock of the Day: America’s Next Top Model is Rigged

Here we all thought that America’s Next Top Model was following in the age-old tradition of fashion industry experts plucking a girl from damn near obscurity and making her into a super model, all on…

Nicole Richie’s Winter Kate – Spring 2011

For Spring 2011, Nicole Richie shot her Winter Kate lookbook with Nicole Fox (America’s Next Top Model).  I am in love with these prints, very reminiscent of the 70s.  I want it all! 


Thursday Buzz 5/10

ANTM photoshoot 5/8. Renee FTW! (ONTD)

Live Fast Lindsay and her party-hardest rumors. (intogossip)

America Ferrera and John Mayer are influential. (POTP)

Keeping Heroes fans happy after the…

Friday Buzz 4/20

Fashionista recaps Top Model.

E’rybody Cam Diaz in the club gettin’ tipsy. (Holy Candy)

Happy 4/20 from your fav celebs. (Evil Beet)

Well hey,…

Thursday Buzz 4/5

ANTM photoshoot #6. Erm, I didn’t like this shoot. But I guess I like Jael’s the best. (ONTD) If you didn’t watch, check out IBBB’s recap!Reese Witherspoon + Jake Gyllenhaal? Aw. (Holy Candy)No one is…

Wednesday Buzz 4/4

Heidi from The Hills got a boob job. I’m sure Spencer was there, cheering all the way. (BWE)For once, I wish the cover of the National Enquirer were true. (Pop Bytes)Awesome graffiti artists make Madonna…

Thursday Buzz 3/29

ANTM photoshoot #5! Renee, Natasha & Jasleen were the best in my book. (ONTD)Goonies The Musical?! WTF?! (Mollygood)Knut made the cover of Vanity Fair. Awww. (Gridskipper)Paris Hilton Pre-surgeries. I think she looked fine! Not fine…

ANTM: Making Violence Glam?

Faded Youth divulges that ANTM Photoshoot #4 has pissed off The National Organization for Women. Photoshoot #4 had all the models “playing dead” because they were supposedly “murdered by a fellow model.”NOW says “Violence against…

Thursay Buzz 3/22

It’s good to have goals in life, but I mean… Starbucking? (freeindie)ANTM Photo Shoot #4– who did you like best? I liked Renee and Whitney. (ONTD)Wanna smell like Gwen? Cause she has a perfume! (…

America’s Next Top Model

America’s Next Top Model

America’s Next Top Model

America’s Next Top Model

America’s Next Top Model

America’s Next Top Model

America’s Next Top Model

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