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#FBF Hot Dudes Rocking Man Buns

Happy Friday! You’re probably buzzing with anticipation for all the Halloween parties and costumes to come, but you know what team Buzznet is pondering? The MAN BUN. For a minute there, this hairstyle was all the rage with high fashion models, celebrities like Kit Harrington, Chris Hemsworth, Justin Bieber, and professional athletes. While the bun… More »

Golden Globes Red Carpet Recap

Awards season is finally here! Last night, all our fave celebrities worked the red carpet looking totally glam for the Golden Globes. This awards show is always a hoot, probably because everyone’s boozing it up non-stop. If you’re still dancing in your bedroom pretending you’re in La La Land and wiping away tears after Meryl… More »

10 Things Emma Stone And Andrew Garfield’s Relationship Has Taught Us

In Hollywood heartbreak news, word has been buzzing that Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield‘s seemingly perfect relationship ended months ago, leaving all of us a little lost and wondering if true love can really last. The good news is the pair are reportedly still close, on good terms, and will remain friends, but their relationship taught… More »

Hot Or Not: Andrew Garfield’s Jared Leto Inspired Beard

It’s been quite the year for Jared Leto, who aside from becoming an A-list celebrity and touring the world with his band 30 Seconds To Mars, has…

Evolution Of A Relationship: Andrew Garfield & Emma Stone

When we first heard Amazing Spiderman co-stars Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone were a couple off-screen, we were a little skeptical. We didn’t want to believe two incredibly amazing actors were giving the old Hollywood romance thing a go, especially when relationships tend to come and go in the blink of an eye in Tinseltown…. More »

Andrew Garfield’s Most Angsty Looks

There’s no denying it: Andrew Garfield is a major hottie! The Amazing Spider-Man actor had long had our hearts before donning the spidey suit and continues to make us fall in love with him on the daily. Even when he’s being broody, he makes us swoon! In honor of Andrew’s birthday today (he turns the… More »

10 Movie Characters We’d Die To Date

A lot of things we’ve learned about love, we learned from the movies. While that may not be entirely true for some people, for others, movies are what show us what true love can be. Noah and Allie’s love in The Notebook was one heart-wrenching love story, with Ryan Gosling‘s Noah being seen as the… More »

Rate It: Emma Stone (And Andrew Garfield) Get Cute On ‘Teen Vogue’!

Possibly the next power couple (sorry Ryan Gosling), The Amazing Spider-man on-screen (and off-screen) couple, Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield, get super adorable in the August 2012 issue of Teen Vogue! Showing their playful and sweet side (big hat included!), Emma and Andrew look totally ideal for one another, which of course comes naturally since… More »

KCA Update: Who’s Performing And Presenting?

This year’s Kids Choice Awards are shaping up to be the biggest and most slime filled show of the year! As the big event quickly approaches,…

Emma Stone And Andrew Garfield Get Steamy On A PDA-Filled Stroll

Remember when happy lovebirds Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield first started dating and would barely want to be seen in public holding hands? The 23-year-old actress and the 28-year-old English actor have come…

‘Amazing Spiderman’ Poster Is Not For Arachnophobes

If you’re uncomfortable with spiders, now would probably be the time to look away.  Because the new Amazing Spiderman posters got a big one.

Or at least the shadow of a big one, being cast by…

The Amazing Spiderman Trailer is Finally Here!

Reblogged from Shelby Stardust

   Amidst the Harry Potter frenzy circulating the interwebs, it would appear that the official, high-definition trailer of the highly-anticipated, The Amazing Spider-Man has…

20 Sizzling Summer Crushes: HOT GUYS

Who doesn’t love a hot guy… or 20? In honor of the Blue Crush 2 DVD being released June 7th, we are getting our surf/beach day/bikini gear/pool party mixes together. All this summer activity has gotten us in the mood for summer love, so we made a list of our celebrity crushes JUST IN CASE… More »

MTV Movie Awards 2011 Red Carpet Fashion

The star-studded 2011 MTV Movie Awards’ arrivals were held at the Gibbon Amphitheater in Hollywood, CA. All of your favorite stars arrived in style to show off their best red carpet looks. Who do you think had the best look of the night?

Emma Stone on the Spider-Man 4 Set

Emma Stone is starring as Gwen Stacy in the 4th installment of Spider-Man.
I’ve come across some on the set photos of the beautifully blonde Emma Stone and decided I had to share…

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