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Lupe Fiasco Channels Modest Mouse for ‘The Show Goes On’

Lupe Fiasco has been bitten by the Modest Mouse bug in his new Float On-inspired single The Show Goes On. Honestly? I can’t get enough of this! I completely love it. What do you think of Lupe Fiasco’s new tune? Float On, Lupe, Float On!

Hugo Has ’99 Problems’ Too, but A B*tch Still Ain’t One

Hugo gives Jay-Z’s ’99 Problems’ his own spin.

Analyze THIS!: ‘Flow’ by Dub FX featuring Mr. Woodnote

If you don’t already know Dub FX, whos real name is Benjamin Stanford, you should get to, Dub FX hails from Melbourne, Australia and is a street looping performer. What he does is amazing! Mixing lyrics, beats, and harmonies all out on the road – literally! If you haven’t heard of Dub FX before, it’s… More »

Analyze THIS!: Gwyneth Paltrow Goes Country

Should actress Gwyneth Paltrow pursue a career in country music? At the CMA’s, Paltrow sang herself a country tune promoting her latest film Country Strong. I’m not necessarily a country music fan, but I kind of think Chris Martin has rubbed off on Gwyn! I bet she could sell some records – not Taylor Swift… More »

Analyze THIS!: ‘Sweet Disposition’ by The Temper Trap

Otherwise known as “that Diet Coke commercial song”, Australian band The Temper Trap’s ‘Sweet Disposition’ is a strange yet fun song and video. Thoughts?

Analyze THIS!: ‘Waiting for the End’ by Linkin Park

Pretty trippy and surprisingly soothing new video from Linkin Park. Thoughts?

Analyze THIS!: ‘In One Ear’ by Cage the Elephant

Indian head dress, Owl face, and White Boy dance moves – but what does it all mean? (you know, besides fun!)

Analyze THIS!: ‘Memories’ by Weezer

Thoughts? 😀

Analyze THIS!: ‘Radioactive’ by Kings of Leon

This will be a series of posts to my ‘Analyze This!’ group. Everyone has their own opinion about what a song means to them, but what about the video? The aim of this group/post is to analyze the video and let me know what YOU think it means! I will give my opinions in Comment… More »

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