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America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20: Team Guys Or Team Girls?

My roomate and I recently upgraded our cable box to one where you get 8456374653 channels and can record TV shows. Ever since I moved out on my own 4 years ago, I never really…

Helen Mirren Joins The Pink Hair Craze!

67-year-old Helen Mirren showed that women of all ages can have fun with color when she chose a super cute pink shade for the BAFTAs red carpet. She said she was inspired while watching an episode from America’s Next Top Model: British Invasion because the girl who won had pink hair. I think her hair… More »

Is Raven Symone Lesbian And Who Is She Dating?


Raven Seymone, known for “That’s So Raven” (of course), “Cheetah Girls” and more recently the “Cosby Show,” is now…

Were Your Favourite TV Shows Canceled or Renewed?

These past couples of weeks, TV networks have been announcing renewals and cancellations like no tomorrow. So it must be pretty hard for you to keep track. Fortunately, E! was kind enough to make…

Tyra Banks Fires Nigel Barker, J. Alexander And Jay Manuel From America’s Next Top Model!

Tyra Banks, host and producer of America’s Next Top Model has fired her panel of experts: Nigel Barker, J. Alexander AND Jay Manuel! What a shock! Looks like their pictures were not the…

Shock of the Day: America’s Next Top Model is Rigged

Here we all thought that America’s Next Top Model was following in the age-old tradition of fashion industry experts plucking a girl from damn near obscurity and making her into a super model, all on…

Caridee English in Li Cari

YAYAY! such fun news :] CARIDEE ENGLISH from Americas Next Top Model wore my red and white dress for her TV shoot. She looks amazing. and she is such a doll XOXO

10 Things I’m Loving This Week

Everyone else is doing this, but oh well.








America’s Next Top Model (watching older cycles while waiting for the new one)


Lippin’ Large Lip Plumper


signing lisa’s a$$

America’s Next Top Model: Dead-Ass Rich Women

Previously – In Tyra’s voice-overed “previously”, she tells us that a “phone call from home brought Jael the tragic news of a friend’s death”. And let me just say, she made it sound anything but tragic. It was the tone you’d use to relay that someone decided to start a… from

America’s Next Top Model: Brittany And Baby Shampoo Have Little In Common

Previously – Sarah didn’t know what to do when her boobies came flying out at children, Negative Renee’s still negative, Jaslene’s a “time bomb” (if she explodes we’ll be covered in “fierce”) and the Midwestern… from

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