AWWHHStar Month: The Most Adorable Hedgehogs

Ok so…ever since I was little me and my mom always said we wanted a pet hedgehog. Where I lived in Boston, the local pet store always had them for sale, I’m not sure why I never got one actually. On Monday I came across the cutest picture of a baby hedgehog and realized I… More »

Pumped Up Kicks: The Many Colors & Designs of Converse All Stars

All Star Month is in full swing and what better way to rave about the things we love than with a gallery of some our favorite all-stars’ footwear: Converse All Stars! These rockin’ sneakers have been around since 1908 and have stayed in style for decades! With so many colors and designs to choose from,… More »

SYTYCD All-Star Courtney Galiano Confirms Starring on GLEE!

I remember once little Courtney Galiano standing in the dressing room when we both danced for the New York Knicks, and saying to me, “How do you get an agent? I want one!” Oh how…

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