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Alison Mosshart, of The Kills and super-group The Dead Weather, is the American queen of rock chic. Whilst clearly not affected by the Vogue side of fashion, Mosshart’s infamous gold Dior Homme boots prove the interest is there. Her grunge-goth look is incredibly inspirational to style conscious rockers the world over. Mosshart’s look is worn-in,… More »

Style Profile: Alison Mosshart

You know what’s cool about Alison Mosshart (besides all the everything)? The fact that no matter how fancy the event she happens to attend is, she still pretty much dresses exactly the same as she would on stage or in the street or laying in the gutter or whatever. As one-half of The Kills and… More »

Style Profile: Alison Mosshart

Is there anyone cooler than Alison Mosshart? The raven haired beauty is all messy hair and attitude, and her signature skinny jeans and bad-ass boots look is 100% rock and roll. She’s in two awesome bands (The Kills and The Dead Weather with Jack White) and has quickly become a cult fashion icon. She sits… More »

20 Sizzling Summer Crushes: HOT GIRLS

What’s a Hot Guys gallery without an equivalent Hot Girls list as well? After all, girls are just as attractive as guys are, and no one gets left out – especially the fierce ladies of this list! Here’s a gallery of our 20 sizzling summer crushes, the Hot Girls edition. Which of these 20 smokin’… More »

HOT OR NOT: Alison Mosshart’s Poncho at the Louis Vuitton Opening

Beautiful or blanket?

Her shoes….

I need.

New Group: All Alison Mosshart Everything

Do you love Alison Mosshart and want to talk about her all the time/post a million photos of her looking rad? Then I have just the group for you:


(((Soundwear))) Alison Mosshart

Is there anyone cooler than Alison Mosshart? The raven haired bad ass is in not one but two succesful bands (one of which, The Dead Weather, Mr. Jack White created just for…

The 25 most influential style icons in music… ever

We countdown the ladies whose songs we want on our stereo and clothes we want in our closet

25. Shirley Manson

Fifteen years before Florence Welch was decking her mic stand in flowers, Garbage…

Style Icons: Alison Mosshart, Poison Ivy, and Anna Karina

Despite the fact that I generally wear the same (black) clothing almost every day, I still dream of dressing like some of my style icons. Their influence trickles into my daily dress in small doses,…

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