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I thought I would start off my vintage song for October with Alice Coopers Welcome to My Nightmare. Before Marilyn Manson there was Alice Cooper. This video is a short version of the original and if you watch the whole thing you will see a glimpse of Vincent Price in the background. The video was… More »

RadioDriveBy Releases Brand New Video For ‘Desiree’

Yesterday RadioDriveBy released a brand-new, awesome video for their song “Desiree” directed by Cory Davis.  The song is off of the bands first EP On Your Way, which premiered on iTunes March 2nd.

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Music Notes 6/11

Music notes; because let’s face it, #musicurles

Motion City Soundtrack premiere “True Romance” music video. 

Pure Volume has all the Bonnaroo coverage…

Muppet Mondays: 5 Fantastic Guest Musical Numbers

With their return to the big screen on November 23rd, everyone’s talking Muppets.  And while they’ve done multiple films and appeared on TV for years, my favorite will probably always be the original Muppet Show

News About Ke$ha’s Upcoming Collaborations! Er, II Mean “New$ About Ke$ha’$ UpĀ¢oming Ā¢ollaboration$”

Awhile ago we saw this awesome video of Ke$ha onstage with Alice Cooper singing his hit “School’s Out For Summer.”  Well, apparently that isn’t the planned end for the pair’s collaboration: <a…

Ke$ha Declares ‘School’s Out For Summer’…with a Little Help from Alice Cooper

Ke$ha‘s kind of an odd duck, and of course she’s known for her sort of “trash glam” look. So I guess you mix all of that up and it makes sense for her to cover “School’s Out For Summer” by legendary glam rocker Alice Cooper. Oh, with a little help from Cooper himself. WARNING: the… More »

Hard Rock is Luuuv

When my younger sister came to me in Moscow,we strolled through the Old Arbat.And of course looked at our favorite Hard Rock Cafe) Well and did a couple of pics

Love this…

Tarja’s blog #2 – Back in the cold winter wonderland


24th November 2010

Let me say that I was not the only Finn whose face got serious when the plane landed at the airport in Helsinki. Why on earth our ancestors decided…

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