Best Dressed Celebrities at the 2014 InStyle Golden Globe Awards Post-Party

So exciting! I got to cover the Instyle Golden Globe Party and it was so much fun! Here are a few of my favorite red carpet looks from the big night! Loved Amy Adams, Taylor Swift, Ashley Tisdale, and Vanessa Hudgens! Also totally loved Kelly Osborne and seeing Jared Leto with his MUCH deserved award…. More »

Hair Inspiration: 40 Great Bob Haircuts

I’ve been growing out my hair for years for our wedding, and now that it is close I cannot wait to chop it all off after the wedding! I’m convinced I would like a short, shoulder length, one length bob haircut. I’ve been looking to the interwebs for all kind of inspiration, and somewhere between… More »

My Style Spirit Animal: Alexa Chung

I don’t often share my POV on fashion here on BUZZNET, because I don’t really have that much to say. My personal style is nothing to write home about so I leave all the style posts to the gals who know what’s what. When it comes to personal style I just like what’s comfortable, affordable… More »

Keltie Colleen’s New York Adventure Working For FUSE!

It’s Alexa Chung week for me, I’m in NYC, spending the week talking about music and working with Fuse. It’s so cool to be back in the city, and put on my music and walk around and reminise about all the years I lived here. It’s so crazy to think my time in nyc is… More »

Girl Crush: Mira Duma

Have you ever met a girl that makes you want to cut your hair off, dye it brown, spend your entire savings on YSL and Chloe, and moved to Russia? I have. Mira Duma, I have a massive girl rush, style crush, and life crush on the most adorable human I have ever laid eyes… More »

Dollychops Is At It Again

Another gallery full of Dollychops amazing art! This time it features me, Twiggy, Lady Gaga, Alexa Chung, Madonna, Charlotte Free and soooo many more! WHICH IS YOUR FAVORITE DRAWING IN THE GALLERY! I have a soft spot for Madonna & Twiggy!

Street Style: Model Alexa Chung + Unknown Facts

Who better to take fashion inspiration from than street style icon and model herself, Alexa Chung. The unique gal has mastered the art of eclectic style with a mixture of boy-meets-girl and preppy-meets-edgy looks. Alexa Chung Facts: She’s a contributing editor for British Vogue:Even before she dreamed of becoming a model, Chung had aspirations to… More »

Indonesian Cosmo Girl

Im in this month’s Indonesian Cosomo Girl next to Alexa Chung… I thought that was pretty rad and random! During the winter months I…

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