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Halloween: Breaking Bad, Jessica Alba, Penguins, Oh My…

Halloween has always been a huge tradition in my family. Part due to the fact that one side of my fam owns one of the largest retail halloween stores in the US: The…

Rob Zombie Scared Us Half To Death!

So last night was terrifying. Myself and some pals went to Rob Zombie‘s Haunted House and we were impressed. Of course these haunted houses were intense becaue I mean..well it’s Rob Zombie! It was a mix between terrifyig horror and comedic pervy fun. Basically a real life version of all of his movies. I took… More »

Photo Diary: Keltie’s Gatsby Party

Such a fun weekend at Keltie Colleen’s Wedding party! Always lovely seeing singer <3 Been pals for 5 years!

The Cab’s Alex Deleon Surprise Birthday Party

Buzznet staff Kate & Brittany hanging with Nick Dungo from For The Foxes

The Cab’s Alex Deleon Surprise Birthday Party

Last night The Cab’s frontman Alex Deleon was surprised by his close friends throwing him an unexpected birthday party in the Hollywood Hills. Recording producer Robert Berson housed the event at his beautiful home that overlooked the city while some of Buzznet’s favorites danced and partied the night away. Brands like Pretzel Chips, Fireball Whiskey,… More »

Which Alternative Rock Band Singer Is Writing With The Wanted?

One alternative rock band frontman has been spotted in the studio with UK boyband The Wanted but who could it be? If your first guess was Boys…

You Know You Are In A Boy Band When…

I was having dinner with my friends Jac, Nicole and Alex from The Cab and Jac started talking about One Direction and how dreamy they were. So funny. I’ve lived through 2 sets of boybands already in my life, so I am not really getting into this latest boyband craze, but I’ve noticed some strange… More »

Alex DeLeon and Brian Dales Cover Rihanna’s ‘We Found Love’

Just as we we’re finally getting sick of Rihanna‘s “We Found Love”, our two main men from The Cab and The Summer Set unleash a fresh version to their fans. Check it:


Exclusive! Best Blink182 Moments with Rian Dawson, Alex Deleon and Beau Bokan

Today’s the day. Blink182 gives us their first album in YEARS. In case you’re somehow not aware, Blink is incredibly influential to many of Buzznet’s current favorite bands. They’re the band that made the…

Ashlee Holmes interviews The Cab

Check out a few stills from my interview with Alex DeLeon and Alex Marshall of The Cab! I loved getting a chance to talk to these guys! They were very funny and sooooo sweet. –All around great guys. Not to mention they are AMAZING musicians. Check em out if you haven’t heard em yet!! I… More »

The Cab FINALLY Gives Us a Release Date (and Track List!) for ‘Symphony Soldier’

So, it’s finally here.  The Cab’s sophomore album, which we’ve been promised for almost a year is finally, actually, really, truly going to be released.  We will have Symphony Soldiers.

On August 23rd.

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The Cab’s Alex DeLeon Promises Fans a ‘Reward’ in the Next 24 Hours

It was a year ago, while they were on the Vans Warped Tour, that The Cab promised fans a new album. But, despite the excitement, Symphony Soldiers never materialized.

So, maybe it’s…

The Cab Post a Studio Update: Officially Tracking!

So, remember LAST YEAR when we were supposed to get a new album from The Cab?  And how that didn’t happen?

So now fans are wondering when Alex, Alex and Alex will be…

The Cab @ Pomona Warped 2010

August 11th, 2010. All photos by Breesays

BRB Getting Sucked Into Pete Wentz Shenanigans (Updated 9/10 4:13pm)

This (DeLeon video + read the comment from _princess_han_)

A Twitter

Alive Not Dead?

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Help The Cab Save the Mule!

The boys from The Cab just don’t have mucflip their van while traveling through Wisconsinh luck when it comes to traveling.  Last February while touring with Cobra Starship, the boys

The Cab Gains a Tour, Loses a Member

Those boys who have made their name by mixing sounds from Michael Jackson, Fall Out Boy and N’Sync, The Cab, are about to head out on a huge headlining tour.  Suitably, the Sin City boys

Alex DeLeon Posts New Song Preview on His Blog!

Alex “Singer” DeLeon of The Cab has kept fans pretty amused with his updates to his blog at Tumblr.  He’s used it to discuss touring as well as the thoughts, feelings and meanings

The Cab go to Denny’s

Until they’ve threatened to glue stuff to each other, I think the Pittsburgh crowd still wins this contest. I don’t know what the contest is, to be fair. Or what the prize is. Is there a prize? And why haven’t The Cab threatened to glue stuff to Cash already? …milkshakes are AWESOME.

Travis McCoy And Alex DeLeon Show Off New Tattoos

So, a few days after his now-infamous “break-up” post, Travis McCoy of the Gym Class Heroes posted a video of himself getting new ink in Charlotte, NC.

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