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My Favorite Epic Album Covers

Me and music have been in a happy relationship for 20 years. I’m totally the girl who has to rewind a certain part when the drums are just too insane to handle or a vocal note hit me like a ton of bricks. I usually hit friends during live shows to make sure they caught… More »

March Music Madness: Album Releases

March is looking like a very eclectic month of music. With debut album, re-releases and long awaited follow-up albums (ahem, Madonna) — March will provide a plethora of new tunes. Whether you like pop music, rock, or hip-hop – March has something for everyone’s ears. Check out this gallery of March release dates and comment… More »

Album Cover Inspiration: The Used vs. U2

The Used have their fith album, Vulnerable, coming out this March and the album cover looks as if it could have been inspired by U2‘s 1983 album, War. Both black and white, with red, and an angry little boy with no shirt — both pretty bad ass. Excited for Vulnerable’s March 27th release.

Katy Perry’s New Album Cover Really Stinks

Back in the day, fake bisexual Katy Perry insisted that women smell better than guys.  “We smell like vanilla. We smell like watermelon. We smell like strawberries,” she said, apparently completely unaware that a) most…

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