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Five Year Flashback: Happy Birthday To Yellowcard’s ‘Paper Walls’

Today marks the fifth anniversary of Yellowcard‘s sixth studio album, “Paper Walls“. The release was the band’s first with current lead guitarist Ryan Mendez and was their…

Happy Birthday Truant Wave : The A-Z of Patrick Stump

On the 22nd February 2011, Patrick Stump unleashed his first solo music to the world – his EP, Truant Wave. Since then, he’s toured extensively and finally released his debut album Soul Punk; but what else is there to the former/present/possibly future Fall Out Boy frontman? If only there was an entire alphabet dedicated to… More »

Happy Birthday To FOB’s Folie à Deux – It’s Three Today

Joyeux Anniversaire Folie à Deux!

Today, December 16th 2011, Fall Out Boy’s fifth studio album celebrates it’s third birthday. It’s original due date was November…

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