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EXCLUSIVE: “Britney Jean” Album Artwork

The “Britney Jean” album artwork leaked! It features tons of new outtakes, writing credits, list of producers and a thank you note from Britney. Production: Alien – William Orbit, HyGrade, Anthony Preston Work Bitch –, Sebastian Ingrosso, Otto Knows, Anthony Preston Perfume –, Chris Braide It Should Be Easy –, David Guetta,… More »

Britney Spears, “Work Bitch”: A Comprehensive Video Analysis

Go call the police. Go call the guh-va-nuh. (Go call the United States Congress too while you’re at it.)

It’s time to leave your big mansion, hop into your…

Bill & Tom Kaulitz Shooting For Stephan Pick

Already yesterday night, on TH’s websites appeared two photos of the new shooting of Kaulitz twins by Stephan Pick, today we have the whole (I think) one. Just breathe in and out a few times before to check this gallery, it’s to die for. Source:

Britney Spears & X Factor Judges At Dinner For Four Hours

After the big X Factor announcement, Britney and her fellow judges dined at the ABC Kitchen for four hours, according to “They were very talkative and enjoying it,” said one source. “They arrived mid-evening, around 8-ish, and stayed until late.” “All four looked like they were getting on well and relaxed,” said one restaurant… More »

Britney Spears: Out & About 2012

After the huge success of the first gallery dedicated to all Britney’s news, with more than 1,200 posts, +450 buzzes, +240.000 total views and a few of featured, it’s time to celebrate this new year with another gallery and looking for a new album and exclusive stuff. Enjoy this travel in Britney Spears world! It’s… More »

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