Heartblog: Happy Birthday Me, A Reflection On A Year.

A reflection on a year.


A year ago, on my

Keltie’s Heartblog: 23.

There are thing that are going to happen in your life as you grow up. You will realize that you spent a great deal of your youth longing to feel…

Question of the Day: Do You Act Your Age?

I am not even sure that I like this QOTD. I guess that is mostly because I am not even sure what I am “supposed” to be doing with my life right meow.


Happy Birthday To Leighton Meester!

I feel like Kristen Stewart is getting all the attention today because it is her birthday, but it is also the lovely Leighton Meester’s birthday, who plays Blair on Gossip Girl! I truly admire her. She does great work for charity, sings and even is a published writer! All this accomplished at age 26! I’ve… More »

I guess this is growing up…

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