The TWINS have been looking into their Ancestral History and their journey has taken them to a very old and odd SPUD ROCK formation. While they were there they found out some interesting things about their ancestors and how they came to be. Of course Peter had to climb almost to the top but TMPH… More »


So I just got this photo from the TWINS , TMPH and Peter they have been on a trip to SKULL MOUNTAIN somewhere far away and wanted you to see how they are doing. Peter of course had to climb pretty far up while TMPH was trying to urge him to come down before he… More »

Buzznet Exclusive: Amoeba Adventures With Lovedrug

We all have records we love and end up passing along to friends; and the guys of Lovedrug are no exception. The indie rockers took Buzznet on an adventure around Sunset Boulevard’s Amoeba Music to tell the…

My Adventures In Photos!

I had a really fun week this week. I got to attending my first Counting Crows concert, and it was amazing, and I fell in love with Swoon all over again (more on that later). I also got to attend a supper hippie outdoor wedding where the bride has feathers on her dress and I… More »

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