The Best Unseen Mistakes In Movies

So I started this gallery off with my all time favorite movie, Titanic. Since it was such a HUGE hit I decided to make it an ongoing gallery of different unseen movie mistakes, so be sure to scroll all the way through the gallery! This week’s feature is all the unseen mistakes in the movie… More »

Remembering The Life And Love Of Suicide Silence’s Mitch Lucker

Everyday the world welcomes a new beautiful life filled with hope and opportunity, in return we have to let go of those who have had their time here. Sometimes it never seems fair or as though they got to have enough time on this planet. I am one to believe that no matter what, we… More »

Uh Oh! Kristen Stewart Gets In A Fender Bender

Car accidents happen – yes, even to the likes of Kristen Stewart. The Twilight star got into a minor fender bender Thursday in Los Angeles. 

Proving that she, like her…

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