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#FBF Celebs Rocking Those Frosted Tips

In the late ’90s and early 2000’s, frosted tips were the shit. Seriously! All your fave boy boys worked those tips, with Justin Timberlake leading the charge. In real life, the hot guy in your class was the one with frosted tips kept perfectly erect with extra hard hair gel. The trend crashed and burned… More »

#FBF 6 MTV Cribs Episodes You Have To Revisit

HAPPY FRIDAY! We have all officially survived the first week of January. If your resolutions are still intact and you’re reading this from a treadmill while eating a salad, mad props to you! If you’re off the wagon sneak eating an Egg McMuffin… be yourself, baby! On this #FBF we wanted to take it back… More »

WATCH: Aaron Carter And Mary English Kill These TBT Tracks

New music app WURRLY has done something pretty amazing. They’ve opened their own recording studio to invite some seriously stellar music artists in for recording sessions. Recently, Aaron Carter, and Mary English, joined by Mary Desmond, stopped by for an afternoon of having fun recording covers of some of the most beloved songs of the past two decades…. More »

BUZZNET Exclusive! Celebs Spill Their Valentines Day Secrets!

Happy Valentines Day! Today is all about hearts, flowers, chocolate and warm fuzzies to make you smile! We thought we’d add a little extra love to your life by sharing the <a href="http://wevegotyoucovered-wildfoxcouturebuzzne.buzznet.com/user/photos/"…

Leslie Carter’s Death: What The Future Holds For Aaron And Nick Carter

While the cause of Leslie Carter‘s tragic untimely death still remains unknown, the near-future of her brothers Aaron Carter and Backstreet Boy Nick Carter have been…

The Real Reason Why Jessica Biel Isn’t Wearing The Ring!

Even though reports turned up everywhere the moment it apparently happened and Justin Timberlake‘s own grandmother confirmed his and on-and-off girlfriend Jessica Biel‘s engagement,…

BUZZNET Exclusive: Aaron Carter Talks 2012!

Check out our exclusive interview with Aaron Carter! The pop-star opened up to Buzznet about everything from what it’s like performing live to the most romantic thing he’s done for a girl! You’ll never guess what reality show he thinks would be fun to be on! Don’t forget to check out pics from the video… More »

Music Links: GCH, Regina Spektor, Bright Eyes

Fantastic Regina interview here and interesting story about where she gets her inspiration here

There will be one last Bright Eyes album

Gym Class Heroes and Good Charlotte join the Denny’s Rock Star…

Aaron Carter: Engagement Over

The singer had proposed to Kari Ann Peniche six days ago from feeds.feedburner.com

Aaron Carter Engaged

This is right after Aaron Carter and Kari Ann Peniche supposedly got engaged in Las Vegas on stage at some Playboy Comedy thing.

Chris Douridas

with teen pop sensation Aaron Carter

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