Song Of The Day: “Lost” by Highly Suspect

We all need a dose of some good ol’ rock n’ roll every now and then. Brooklyn via-Cape Cod progressive rock trio, Highly Suspect, can…

10 Of The Best Celebrity Audition Tapes

I was randomly looking on Youtube and came across an INCREDIBLE audition tape of Rachel Mcadams and Ryan Gosling for The Notebook. I then saw there were TONS of…

QOTD – If You Could Be Any Villain, Which Would You Be?

If you recall, we had a Super Hero QOTD on Wednesday. To combat this, we need to bring about the Nemesis Thread. If you could be any villain, ever, from anything you can think…

My top 5 – Tv Shows

I love watch tv shows… and those are my 5 favs…. it’s been hard to choose, because every show means for me something and it’s linked in a part of my life…. even though the…

So This is Weezer’s Cover Art for ‘Hurley’


Didn’t Like the Ending of LOST? Try One of These!

So, apparently this LOST show aired it’s series finale last night.  Some people liked it, some are conflicted and some think it’s the worst thing ever.

Well, guys, look.  You got an ending. …


OKAY so this weekend is the end of LOST but BIZARRELAND wanted to show you our favorite CLUES to the ENDING !!!

Where is that DAMN ISLAND ? We believe we know here…….


Boozle: Columbia and Charlotte and… LOST

Yesterday was the very first day of the BRS! We were positioned in between the two stages so we didn’t get to hear much until we closed up shop, then… GOOD CHARLOTTE! They killed it–even

Buzz Guide: Ian Somerhalder and ‘I Don’t Care About Your Band’


Garfunkel and Oates

This comedic duo was an opener for Motion City Soundtrack when I went to see them at House of Blues on Valentine’s Day. I’m usually not…

What’s Worse?

Pop culture produces some pretty…uh, interesting things. Some good, some bad, some ugly–I’ve done you the favor of eliminating the good, now you must choose between awful and even more awful! Use those critical thinking skills, kids.

Lost’s Ben Linus and John Locke Escape the Island to Walk the Emmy Red Carpet

Celebuzz caught up with Lost’s Terry O’Quinn and Michael Emerson on the red carpet at the 2009 Emmy Awards.

My Lost Nickname

Thanks, Sawyer… Want one? Go here

Lost promo 5×4

Next week… dun dun dun…

Kristen Bell: Ex-detective, new Hero.

Good news for Veronica Mars fans! (No, the show is not coming back. I said good news, not FANTASTIC news). Kristen…

LOST Video Game Trailer

Kinda cool, no? I would want to play in a scene where I get to makeout with Sawyer.

Friday Buzz 7/6

Monday Buzz 6/18

Shiloh Jolie-Pitt will stop traffic. And hearts. (Evil Beet)

Does anyone remember when Kristy Swanson was the ORIGINAL Buffy The Vampire Slayer? ‘Cuz then it shouldn’t be hard…

Monday Buzz 6/11

Lindsay’s former bodyguard dishes some DIRT. (The Dirty Disher)

Galadarling’s June Delight/Smite list.

That Xtina pregnancy rumor is back. (jen’s juice)

20 Words you can use instead…

Hey it’s Tuesday Buzz 5/29

Cameron Diaz vs. Jessica Biel. (Yeeeah)

Kingston Stefani Rossdale had a birthday. (The Dirty Disher)

How To Be Genuine With People You Dislike! (galadarling)

If I were a princess…

Michael Emerson on Best Week Ever

Ben from “Lost” hahaha… Picked up from Evil Beet

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