The Most #EpicBucketList Contest (Ever)!

What do you want to do before you die? Well, MTV’s The Buried Life and Contiki want to help you cross all of your epic dreams off of your bucket list. 

5 Ways To Know You’re In A Relationship

You’re hooking up on a regular basis with a hot guy that just can’t get enough of you. You go girl! So now what?

The transition from casual dating to being exclusive can be a little…

Harsh Truths About Life Every Person Should Know

6 Harsh Truths That Will Make You a Better Person

(written by David Wong for Cracked.com) 


15 Hyper-Realistic Tattoos You Won’t Believe

#15 Eye See You One word? Freaky! The hyper-realism of this tattoo makes you have to look twice…or three times.. And then quickly look away. #14 Operation Time This hyper-realistic tattoo is quite gross to look at, but the skill and realistic detail has to be admired. Spooky! #13 Got a Pen? That’s right, this… More »

Jared Leto Goes Drag For Candy Magazine

Jared Leto covers issue #6 of Candy Magazine shot by no other then Terry Richarson. He is for sure giving me a run for my money in that pink wig! I think there is nothing more grand in the world then straight men in drag… Yes I said it! ENJOY!

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