Youtube Evolution Of: Thirty Seconds To Mars


I feel like one Jared Leto is the most talked about celeb in media these days so what a perfect fit for this week…I…

Michelle Branch Birthday Appreciation Post

In honor of Michelle Branch‘s 30th birthday today, I have been listening to nothing but MB songs all day. This stuff really brings…

32 Celebrities Playing Sports

Playing sports is a great way to stay fit and have fun while exercising. There are so many sports to pick from such as tennis, basketball, baseball, volleyball, surfing, soccer, football, and much more! Here are 30 celebrities bringing out their sporty side! XoXo, Katelyn

Heartblog: Happy Birthday Me, A Reflection On A Year.

A reflection on a year.


A year ago, on my

30 Things I Think Are Beautiful

As most of you can tell by my last few blogs, I am hibernating inside my house, writing, drinking tea and wishing everything was the same, and that everything was different. I just need to surround myself with love, and beauty. Here are 30 things I think are beyond lovely. xx! ps. make sure to… More »

30 seconds to mars

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