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Goodbye ’30 Rock’: Time For A Liz Lemon GIF Party!

Ok 30 Rock fans, pull out your tissues and get ready for an emotional evening – it’s the end of an era! After seven…

It’s a Liz Lemon GIF Party! Tina Fey Wants To Go There

What’s that Liz Lemon? It’s your birthday! In honor of Tina Fey’s 41’st birthday we here at Buzznet (aka me) are throwing her best character Liz Lemon…

20 Valuable Life Lessons According to Liz Lemon

What would the world be like without Tina Fey in it? Just think about that for a minute. The critically acclaimed hit TV show 30 Rock probably wouldn’t be as funny, that’s for sure! Funnywoman Tina not only plays the uber-hilarious character known as Liz Lemon but is also the creator and showrunner of the… More »

BUZZ GUIDE: Hanni El Khatib, Liz Lemon, Love, and Mixtapes

Hello boys and girls of the interweb. We haven’t done a Buzz Guide in a while, and the other day while I was spacing out during Bones (it…

Battle Tweets: Round III

Way back in the day I did a battle tweets gallery… well, I saw a few recently that made me want to resurrect it. So get picky in Battle Tweets round III! Who is best at expressing themselves in 140 characters or less? (Don’t just pick your favorite person!)

Wednesday Buzz 4/4

Heidi from The Hills got a boob job. I’m sure Spencer was there, cheering all the way. (BWE)For once, I wish the cover of the National Enquirer were true. (Pop Bytes)Awesome graffiti artists make Madonna…

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