24 Albums I’m Thankful For This Thanksgiving

The impact music can have on a person is extremely powerful. There are albums that have made me feel ecstatic, confused, sad, empowered, understood, and etc…. The fact that a piece of art, particularly music, can make me feel any of those emotions is a testament to how powerful and important an album can be… More »

Hollywood’s 24 Hottest 24 Year Olds

Twenty-four of Hollywood’s hottest celebrities who will be turning 25 this year!

Emmy Nominations 2007

Normally I could care less about awards shows (I just like to see what the celebs wore to them) but seeing as that I got so involved in Heroes and Grey’s Anatomy this season, I’m…

Breesays Vblog: Muso, Jack Bauer & Vote for meeee.

Monday Buzz 4/16

Gwen’s lifelong diet. (intoGossip)

9 Hottest Celebs on the Web. Yeahhhh Trent! (ONTD)

When Jack Bauer runs out of interrogation ideas. Hahaha (TV Squad)

Dear Nick Lachey, can…

Goonies vs. 24

Video mashup from College Humor!

Wednesday Buzz 2/21

Will a Greys Anatomy spin off work? (seriouslyomg)Joel Madden is curing Nicole Richie. (theskinny)Brangelina are in marriage counseling. (faded youth)Dancing with the (c-list) Stars 4 Cast. At least theres a dude from N*sync. (tabloidwhore)Some 24…

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