5 Things We Forgot Happened In 2006

A decade doesn’t seem that long ago, right? But, if you measure the years in iPhone versions, 2006 was version zero because they didn’t even exist yet! iPhones weren’t released until 2007, ya’ll. Talk about a brain explosion. Let’s reflect on a five things we probably forgot happened back in 2006: 1 – Britney Spears… More »

Nostalgia To The Max: 2006

I think it’s safe to say that 2006 was an odd year for music. Personally, looking back, I’m pleased at how things have progressed. Taylor…

Throwback Thursday #2: Tokio Hotel’s 2006 Photo Shoots

After the great (unexpected) success of the first gallery of last Thursday, here I am with a new one. This time dedicated to Tokio Hotel’s 2006 photo shoots. Once again it has been pretty tough sometimes to pick my favorite photos among my favorite photo shoots. It’s a big gallery but it’s worth in the… More »

Song of the Day: “Stand Still, Look Pretty” by The Wreckers

It’s crazy to think that there are songs we know like the back of our hands but can’t fully relate to yet. I’ve been listening to this song since it’s release in 2006, and while…

EXCLUSIVE: All Tokio Hotel Shooting By Bernard Mouillon [2006 – 2009]

Check out this exclusive gallery includes all the shoots by Bernard Mouillon from 2006 to 2009 to Tokio Hotel, there are never before seen shots too. Enjoy and tell me which is your fav!

Tokio Hotel: over 100 awards in 6 years!

You can love them, you can hate them! One thing is sure: when there’s an event and a prize up for grabs, Tokio Hotel are there.

Since the release of the “<a…

Shawn Michaels & Dx Gifs and Banners

                                                         HBK gifs & banners,along with DX gifs & banners.

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CNN: Dianne Odell, who lived in an iron lung for 60 years after contracting polio at age 3, died after a power failure cut the breathing device’s electricity and “for some reason,” the house emergency generator didn’t come on… woah… that is an incred—OMG, HEIDI SAID YES!!! ASKED FOR A… from


The Most Memorable Photos of 2006

Filed under: Train Wrecks, Paparazzi Photo, Wacky and Weird, Fashion PoliceTMZ.com: If the old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” is true, let’s save ourselves a lot of time and just sum up… from www.tmz.com

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