#FBF Gadgets and Toys From the ’90s That Seem Absurd Today

The ’90s were a simpler time. Before smartphones, lightweight laptops, tablets, and video games with insanely realistic graphics, kids and adults got by on what felt like “cutting edge” tech. The bougie family down the street had a 6-disc changer in the car. The spoiled kid in class had a Game Boy Color AND a… More »

’90s School Accessories That Need To Make A Comeback

For most of you summer is officially over and you’re settling into a brand new school year. Sure it’s a bummer to say good-bye to lazy summer days, but for those of us who no longer look forward a trip to by new school supplies, this time of year can be super nostalgic. With the… More »

The Best Road Trip Playlist Ever – According To Mariel

I am a mixtape master. I remember in high school how I would spend hours hunched over the computer to find the perfect tracks to…

Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Hey buzz kittens! I am like totally, for sure, a die hard 90s gal – it’s my fave decade through and through. I live for the music, the movies, the television, the fashion – it was all dope, man. It just seemed like such a simpler time, and everything seemed to make sense. After school… More »

Style Icon: The Spice Girls

Five people who influence my style the most are Baby Spice, Scary Spice, Ginger Spice, Posh Spice, and Sporty Spice, better known as The Spice Girls. The 90’s is by far my favorite decade style wise and The Spice Girls were a huge infliuence on 90’s fashion. Each Spice Girl is known for their signature… More »

90s Love: Johnny Depp and Kate Moss

Not since Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin has every single photo of a couple looked like a living breathing editorial. Not until the fashion Gods granted us meager earthlings the opportunity to oggle Johnny Depp and Kate Moss intertwined in all their glory that is. Johnny and Kate ruled our dream worlds from roughly 1994-1998,… More »

Brian Logan Dales Takes It Back To The 90s

Recently Buzznet asked me some questions about the 1990s! You can check out the Q&A below, and let the nostalgia kick in, then comment with your own answers! 

<img src="http://img.buzznet.com/assets/imgx/2/1/0/9/2/8/9/6/orig-21092896.jpg" width="366" height="274"…

Rewind To The 90s

Buzznet asked me a few questions about the 1990s! Check out my answers below and flip through the gallery to get inspired by all things 90s. What is your favorite movie and sitcom from the 90s? My favorite movie from the 90’s is True Romance and my favorite T.V. show would be Sex & The… More »

Ashlee Holmes’ Celebrity Crushes Of The 90s!

EVERYONE KNOWS that the 90s were THE BEST! Check out this gallery of some of my favorite celebrity crushes from the 90s in all of their 90s style glory 😉 Comment on your favorites! -OR- Add your own 90s crushes!

Are You Afraid of the Dark?: Ryan Gosling

Alriiiiiight 90s babies, if you were a true child of the 90s (like I was) -then I KNOW you remember a little show called ‘Are You Afraid of the Dark?’. I thought that I would share this particular episode in honor of Ryan Gosling’s birthday. See if you can guess why 😉

Flashback Friday: 10 Catchy Cereal Commercials From the 90s

Oh mornings, who likes them? Especially when you’re a kid and have five looooong dreaded days of school to trudge along to! The best part about mornings would definitely be breakfast time, when you could…

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