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The Obamas’ New Home Isn’t The White House, But That’s A Good Thing

Presidents are only allowed a total of eight consecutive years in office, granted they win the second term election. Barack Obama was the leader of the free world from January 20, 2009, until January 20, 2017. After that last day in office, he and the family had to leave the best living arrangements they’ve ever… More »

When Did These Celebs Have Time To Become Doctors?

It’s almost hard to believe that these successful stars have the credentials that make them doctors, too. But how and when did they even have the time? Read on to find out which of your favorite celebrities are also doctors.ABC’s Dr. Ken Can Actually Be Your DoctorHe may play a doctor on television now, but… More »

People Who Stumbled Upon Their Doppelgänger In The Wild

We’d all like to live our lives thinking that we’re incredibly special and unique and that no one on Earth is like us, but that’s not always the case. The chances of someone looking exactly identical to you are slim (though not impossible), but there’s an even slimmer chance that you’re actually going to come… More »

Things You Never Knew Actually Had a Purpose Until Now

Have you ever come across a hack or trick for using a product, and all of a sudden you realize you’ve been doing it wrong the entire time? The inventors of these products are clearly smarter than we thought because they’ve added some easy hacks to make the items work even better. We had no… More »

The Most Memorable Oscar Hosts Of All Time

With almost a century of Oscar ceremonies, it’s refreshing to look back at how previous hosts made the show worth watching. And who knows — maybe one of them might make an appearance on stage for the upcoming Academy Awards.Which host was Kevin Hart supposed to take over for? Keep reading to find out.Ellen DeGeneres’… More »

The Best Female Guitarists Of All Time

Female rock stars, specifically guitarists, are some of the greatest in the industry. Many of these ladies paved the way for modern female rockers, creating a solid foundation of style and tracks for them to work off. From nine-time Grammy Award winner Joni Mitchell to The Bangles secret weapon Vicki Peterson, these ladies shred on… More »

Kiss Scenes That Were Never Meant To Happen (And Some That We Were All Waiting For)

On our favorite TV shows and movies, it’s always the scene with the “big kiss” that changes everything. Whether it solidifies two characters’ relationship with each other or just makes the plot thicken, you would think that these kisses were written into the script – but that isn’t always the case. From The Office to… More »

Nepotism Babies Have Entered The Conversation. See What They Have To Say About Their “Earned” Fame

It’s not coincidental that the entertainment industry lives off of connections and family ties. Sometimes if a person wants to make it in Hollywood, it might just be a draw of being lucky enough to be born into a famous family. “Nepotism baby” has become a buzzword and refers to the rising stars in entertainment… More »

These Movies Have The Lowest Ratings On Rotten Tomatoes

We rely on critics to tell us if a movie is worth our hard-earned cash. These people get paid to spend their time watching horrible movies so we don’t have to. Rotten Tomatoes is a website that takes all of that valuable information from all of the movie critics out there and puts it in… More »

Female Celebrities You Didn’t Realize Were Tall

The leading women in Hollywood come in all shapes and sizes. The average American woman is only 5’4 and many actresses are that same height or shorter, but not all of them.Some actresses are taller than most and have found it can be both a good and bad thing. Many have openly admitted to struggling… More »

These Redheads Are Rocking The Entertainment Industry

Whether they’re on screen, on stage, or strutting their stuff down the red carpet, redheads have a knack for turning heads. These lovely ladies with their fiery red locks have made waves in the entertainment industry.Fans love them for their talent and their red manes, as these ladies’ hair color makes them stand out from… More »

The Life Of Tina Turner, The Queen Of Rock And Roll

From a small-town girl to a global music icon, Tina Turner’s life was an extraordinary journey of resilience, talent, and triumph. Rising to fame with Ike & Tina Turner, her electrifying performances and powerful vocals made her the Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Explore the remarkable story of her legendary career and personal resilience.Small Town… More »

Toxic Manager Tries To Get Employee Fired And Regrets It After They Expose Their Own Incompetence

There’s very little in life that’s more annoying than having a manager or a boss at work that doesn’t know how to do their job – and tries to do yours too.One Reddit user’s story of getting a little revenge on their manager is letting us live vicariously through them. Bad BossesManagers are often hired… More »

No More Free Babysitting: Woman Insists Sister’s Husband Takes Responsibility

It often doesn’t take long for people to take their loved ones for granted and that’s especially true when it comes to childcare. And depending on how those loved ones’ personalities are wired, it can take years before they fully realize how starkly they’re being taken advantage of. But when a person gets used to… More »

How Millennials Are Disrupting the Travel Industry

Millennials like their travel. They are the generation who are always dashing off between full-time jobs for long breaks or taking time out to find themselves between more casual work. There are loads of speculative reasons why people believe that millennials travel so often. Some say it’s a reaction to the stability of their childhood,… More »

Surprise! Movie Scenes Where The Actors Weren’t Acting

For the perfect shot, directors will sometimes play tricks on actors to achieve a genuine reaction, or an actor may accidentally break character, with the scene working even better than planned. Having an actor show true emotion beats out even some of the best dramatics. Little did audiences know that many of their favorite shots… More »

How Your Favorite Celebs Go All Out For Valentine’s Day

If you’re in love, one of the sweetest times of the year is Valentine’s Day. It’s an opportunity to show your other half how much you love and appreciate them. But there’s a lot more you can do then just give them a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates, particularly if you’re famous.Celebrities… More »

30 PHOTOS: The Style Evolution Of Taylor Swift

We first became aware of Taylor Swift when she was a young country artist singing about her first love on the radio. Taylor’s come a long way since then, including her personal style, which evolved into something we never saw coming.Taylor’s fashion choices have truly changed from one era to the next. What she wore… More »

Get Enchanted By Taylor Swift’s Best (And Most Bejeweled) Fashion Moments

From glittering gowns to fearless street styles, Taylor Swift has conquered both the stage and the red carpet with her iconic fashion choices. Join us on a whirlwind journey through her wardrobe as we revisit her most unforgettable fashion moments, proving that, just like she told us, Taylor never goes out of style!The 2013 Met… More »

Man Gambles His Life Savings To Resurrect An American Ghost Town

Whenever someone dreams big and puts their money where their mouth is, they’re bound to hear most of the people in their lives call them crazy. The bigger the dream is, the harder it is to pursue. And when the sacrifices made to chase that dream increase, it becomes harder for those who don’t share… More »

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