Avoid These Fashion Mistakes That Make People Look Heavier

Along with diet and exercise, wearing the right clothing can either help or hinder someone’s appearance, especially when it comes to weight. Each season encourages terrible fashion trends that can make someone’s figure look shorter, wider, and overall unflattering. These are the styling mistakes to avoid so the camera won’t add ten pounds the next time your friend shares that photo on social media.

Reflective Clothing Makes Everything More Noticeable

For special occasions, you may want to wear an outfit with some fun flair, but pass on the reflective materials. Wearing a dress or jacket that is covered in shiny metals or sequins will catch every bit of light, causing the person to look bigger all over.

Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images
Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images

Flat fabrics are the better option for making the right kind of impression on a big night out.