Taking The Lead: Actors Who Steered Their Film Roles To Success

Whether it involves strict dieting, extensive costumes, or adopting weird hygiene habits, many actors will take extreme lengths to prepare for a movie role. Oftentimes, their commitment to the part pays off, but other times they’re left with regrets. Here are some actors who took extreme measures to prepare for a role.

Demi Moore Underwent Military Training For G.I. Jane

In G.I. Jane, Demi Moore plays the Luitnenant Jordan O’Neill, the first female to ever undergo Navy Seal training. In order to make the film as realistic as possible, Moore, as well as the others, underwent specialty military training. She even shaved her head in order to stay in character. Moore also performed the majority of her own stunts although she was offered a stunt actor.

Buena Vista Pictures/MovieStillsDB
Buena Vista Pictures/MovieStillsDB