Single Dad Warms The Internet’s Heart After Protecting Daughter From Judgy GF

Most parents consider their children their biggest priorities in life, and their parenting styles tend to reflect that. However, those styles also differ a great deal from person to person.

For this single father, it all came to a head when his long-term girlfriend watched his daughter one night while he was out. Needless to say, some words were exchanged, and what the girlfriend said to the daughter did not sit well with this dad.

Taking it slow

By the time he looked for advice on Reddit, the man about to tell his story had been seeing his girlfriend for three years.

Man in blue hoodie looking conflicted while leaning elbow on table
Guillaume Issaly/unsplash+
Guillaume Issaly/unsplash+

In his words, “I’m a widower, so I wanted to make sure that our relationship was serious before I was ok with her moving in with me and my daughter.”