The Biggest Celebrity Break-ups Of 2019

As each year passes by, another relationship bites the dust. It’s not a given that a romance will last, that’s why it’s best to live in the moment and not worry much about the future. While that’s easier said than done, some of your favorite celebrities had to learn the hard way. In 2019, there were a ton of high-profile breakups that shook media outlets and fans alike. Some were together for years while others only a few months. Ahead you’ll see the most prolific stars who had unions come to an end in 2019. It’s not as sad as you think…

Travis Scott And Kylie Jenner Take A Break

David Livingston/WireImage
David Livingston/WireImage

The couple at the forefront of social media and every gossip blog for the past several years was Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott. The union of the hottest rap artist and most sought after reality star meant lots of attention.

The two have taken a break in the past before, only to get back together. Now that Jenner and Scott have a daughter together, one can only guess this isn’t a long term thing and that they just wish to live their young lives apart for a while. Ironically, paparazzi spotted Jenner with ex Tyga the next night after splitting with Scott.