Freddie Mercury Didn’t Think He Was As Talented As John Lennon

Freddie Mercury and John Lennon are two of the biggest legends that have ever made music. Their songs and talent have been shared and loved by all generations. However, Mercury didn’t think his talent came close to Lennon’s.

Mercury has revealed that he had self-doubts about his singing in a recently released autobiography. In the book, titled “Freddie Mercury: A Life, In His Own Words”, he talks about his icons and didn’t believe his talent could ever compare to theirs. He mentions Lennon specifically, writing that he would never put himself “on a par” with him.

“John Lennon was larger than life, and an absolute genius… I would never like to put myself on a par with John Lennon at all,” wrote Mercury. “He was the greatest, as far as I’m concerned.”

He didn’t believe he was “equipped” to do what Lennon did and that nobody should attempt to.

“I feel that I’m not equipped to do the things that Lennon did. I don’t think anybody should, because John Lennon was unique, a one-off,” write Mercury. “I admire him very much and that’s as far as I want to go.”

It’s crazy to think that someone with so much talent couldn’t see it themselves. Nobody will ever compare to either of them.