Movies That Are Considered To Be Almost Flawless

Writing, shooting, editing, and releasing a feature-length film is an incredibly complicated and strenuous process. There are so many moving parts that there’s no guarantee that the movie will translate to the audience or turn out the way it was envisioned. Because of this, movies can range from absolutely terrible to unbelievable works of art. The best of the best are those that had the perfect team working on it, evoke emotion, and executed their vision. These are some of those films.

Unforgiven Turns The Western On Its Head

Three cowboys
Warner Bros
Warner Bros

Clint Eastwood got his start in the Western genre. However, he was never any typical gunslinger. This is most evident in Unforgiven, a film he directed and starred in. The movie tells the story of a former outlaw played by Eastwood, who has given up on his old ways to raise his children.

However, in desperate need of money, he takes up one more contract, but it’s more than he bargained for. It’s a tale that Eastwood describes as showing the true ugliness of violence, not glorifying it like typical Western tropes. It provides the audience with a realistic experience of what it’s like to kill and to die.