We Hope These Cringe-Worthy Fashion Trends Never Come Back In Style

There are some clothing pieces that are truly timeless. The little black dress or a crisp, white collared shirt will never go out of style. The same can’t be said for these fashion trends. It might have seemed like frosted tips and neon zebra stripes were cool at the time, but we all knew deep down that they were a bad idea.

Don’t be ashamed if you rocked any of these trends though because, let’s be honest, we all did. Just be glad you came to your senses and left them in the past.

Teased Bangs Added The Volume No One Needed

sarah jessica parker 1986 film premier
Barry King/WireImage/Getty Images
Barry King/WireImage/Getty Images

Hairstyles from the ’80s were already packed with way too much volume. Yet, for some reason, we all decided we needed a little more volume and that teasing our bangs would help the cause.

Teased bangs came in many shapes and forms but they all had to be hairsprayed so much that they just ended up looking hard and crunchy. If you were lucky in the ’80s, you got to get your bangs permed which made teasing them way easier.