These Beauty Trends Will Be Big In 2019

The beauty industry is constantly changing and every year we’re blessed (or cursed) with new beauty trends. In 2018, we saw a serious emphasis on self-care with bone broth and sheet masks finding their way into everyone’s pantry and medicine cabinet.

But as they say: out with the old and in with the new; 2019 is here and so are its beauty trends — and we have to say, we’re over the moon about some of these. From effortless makeup looks to CBD facials (yes, really), here are the beauty trends we’ll be seeing lots of this year.

Tech-Inspired Product Packaging Is on the Rise


Most fragrances come in a glass bottle but Glossier switched this up a bit with the launch of their latest perfume. ‘Glossier You’ comes in a weighted metal compact designed to “fit the curve of your palm and thumb” while being able to open and close with a flappable hinged swivel.

Sound familiar? Turns out this action is familiar to those used to flipping through smartphone content. Just another example of how technology has found itself intertwined with other parts of our lives. In 2019 and beyond, we predict we’ll see more tech-inspired packaging in the beauty industry.