#FBF – Best Movies of 2017

Now that we’re officially five days into 2018, it’s time to reflect on the year that has passed. Yes, there were a few ups and lots of downs… you know – politically, environmentally, and sexually for lots of ladies in Hollywood, but as part of our “New Year, New Vibe” mission, we’re going to focus on the positive, starting with the handful of movies that came out in 2017 and totally crushed. For today’s #FBF, let’s look back on the best movies of the year. Which was your favorite?

#FBF Top 7 Movies of 2017 (In no particular order)

The Big Sick – This rom-com, inspired by the real-life romance between star/comedian Kumail Nanjani and his wife Emily Gordon brings all the feels!

Coco – Walking into Coco you’re all WTF is this cartoon even about? Walking out, you’ve laughed, you’ve cried and you’re ready to be your best self.

Lady Bird – Growing up is weird and hard and Lady Bird captures all of that in the witty, delightfully indie Greta Gerwig style we’ve come to appreciate.

Blade Runner 2049- Honestly, we don’t understand why this wasn’t a box office SMASH. If you were a fan of the original, this one was truly the shit. Oh and Ryan Gosling forever, ya’ll.

Dunkirk – Christopher Nolan does it again.. this war flick was suspenseful, surprising, and uplifting. Plus, turns out Harry Styles can act and that’s awesome.

The Disaster Artist – The Franco Brothers killed it in this quirky flick! Let’s hope James gets some award show love… I mean he’s starred in and directed like a million movies in the last ten years. Give him a trophy so he’ll take a much-deserved vacation.

John Wick: Chapter 2 – The sequel life is hard… just ask Jack Reacher aka Tom Cruise. But Keanu Reeves slayed (again) as John Wick in this ulta-violent, ultra-cinematic second chapter. Please, let there be a third!