How Lorde’s Rained Out Performance Brought Lollapalooza Together

Day one of Lollapalooza was a real banger, and after many hours running around Grant Park high off the crackling energy of day 1, it was finally time to close it out with Lorde’s headlining set.

Unfortunately, Chicago weather can be fickle and it wasn’t on our side as Lorde took the Bud Light main stage under looming storm clouds. Stepping into the spotlight, the crowd went wild. As far as we could see, the crowd was a collective of sing-a-long fans completely vibing off Lorde’s command as she slinked around the stage, throwing wicked side eye, and seductive moves around with reckless abandon.

IT WAS AWESOME. Then the rain came.

It started as a sprinkle, then it got a little heavier. Then it began to pour, then it became a storm of monsoon proportion! LOL…ok not really, but it got so bad, Lorde’s set was cut short and shut down after about five songs, leaving all of us in the audience to slog our soggy selves out of the fest.

Sounds awful, right?? Well, kinda.

While we all banded together in mutual disappointment, it was also a moment of, “We’re all in this together.” The rain was dumping on us, we were all soaked to the bone, and trudging through mud, but the surprising part was everyone was chill. We walked out calmly. There was no running, no pushing or shoving.

We witnessed strangers offering spare ponchos, helping those who slipped in the mud, and talking about the awesomeness that we got to see of Lorde. It essence, it was a kumbaya moment that proved Lollapalooza attracts the best kind of people to see the best kind of acts.

Thankfully the rest of the fest went off without a hitch and without too much rain, and even with the disappointment in the back of our minds, we’re actually kind of thankful for the experience. Not only will it go down in Lolla history, but proved that even in times of turmoil, kind people shine the brightest.