10 Signs Kendall Jenner Is Your Secret Style Twin

Kendall Jenner is a top model, business woman, and reality TV star, who we’ve watched go from awkward tween to industry “it” girl, and it’s no secret we’re all obsessed with her style. It takes confidence, taste, and time to develop a fashion repertoire like Kendall’s, but if you peep the list below you might find out you’re actually secret style twins!

1. You’re not afraid of fashion risks. In fact, you embrace them.

2. It’s common for you to change your outfit multiple times a day.

3. You are never without an insanely awesome bag.

4. It’s easy to mix high fashion with bargain buys and still look flawless.

5. You don’t follow trends. You set them.

6. Sometimes it’s all about running around in your comfy clothes.

7. You have as many cool pairs of sunglasses as you do shoes. <

8. Speaking of shoes, you have a closet dedicated to what goes on your feet.

9. You still raid your mom’s closet when you hate everything in your wardrobe.

10. When in doubt, monochromatic outfits are the answer.