Buzz Bites: Tayvin’s iheartradio PDA Puts All Other Relationships To Shame

April showers are bringing May flowers here in NYC…we’re holed up in Buzznet headquarters keeping cozy checkin’ out the latest buzz on the internet.

Justin Bieber has pissed off a bunch of people for dreadlocking his hair, Instagramming it, and captioning it “why”…well we’re not sure why, but he’s being singled out as the latest example of cultural appropriation. Eeep.


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Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris were beyond adorable together at the iheartradio awards where the pair each took home a prize!

The Kesha drama with SONY carries on…The pop singer has now come out and said SONY will release her from her contract if she lies about what happened. OMG…whut???!! WOW.

Joe Jonas has ditched dyeing his hair crazy colors and returned to his classic JoBro black…it’s our personal fave.

Annnd…this cute puppy gif because…MONDAY.