8 Things No One Told Us About Being A Woman

Being a girl can be challenging as you battle insecurities and puberty, but being a woman is dope. When you know who you are and what you bring to the table, you’re empowered and beautiful and unstoppable. That being said, there are a few things that would have been really helpful to know back in the day. Here are 8 things no one every told us about being a woman:

1. The Pimples Never End. I thought pimples were a phase that ended after high school or college. Sorry, ladies – the pimple struggle is life-long, especially if you wear make-up and maybe accidentally fall asleep in said make-up every now and then.

2. PMS Is Real AF. When you first get your period, you kind of think the cramps and the sour mood are a phase. At least I did! Sadly, it’s not something you grow out of. Sometimes, PMS gets worse with age! So, embrace it and and most importantly, be aware of it. When you feel yourself turning into a PMS-fueled anger ball, take it down a notch and enjoy some chill hours alone with your old pal Netflix.

3. It’s Expensive. A babe guy can kind of sort of get away with one dope outfit. A lady, on the other hand, needs a closet filled with so many items and shoes and accessories to keep it fresh and on fleek. Beyond the wardrobe, the life of a woman is filled with little expenses many fellas would scratch their heads at. The manicures, the waxing appointments, the facials, the eyebrow threadings, the blow outs, the beauty products. Sure, we don’t HAVE to do all that, but sometimes it’s kind of fun and also YOLO.

4. Maintenance Is A Necessary Evil. This totally ties into the above. A woman is like a beautiful, classic car. You need to maintain your woman-ness always and forever. And that ain’t just to please your partner! It’s for you and only you! From diet, exercise, beauty regimens, education, creative expression, and career aspirations, every woman needs to devote time and energy to their personal being.

5. If You Complain, People Will Say You’re Being Hormonal. This is our plight in the office, in our personal lives, and just in general. A woman can complain, but not too much. A woman can be a boss, but not too bossy. Gender stereotypes still exist and we’ll spend our lives finding ways to gracefully navigate them and still crush it.

6. You’re Going To Spend A Lot Of Time Worrying About Body Hair. Think about it. How often do you think about your hair? Your hair color and hair cut and hairstyle? How often to you have hair envy when you see someone like Connie Britton on TV? Then, add in all the hair stress… are your eyebrows plucked, is your lip waxed, are your pits shaved, are your legs shaved? What’s your pubic hair style? Is your arm hair too thick? At the end of the day, it’s all kind of stupid and surface, but sometimes we just can’t help it.

7. It’s OK To Talk About Poop. Sure, there’s a time and a place to be classy and graceful and ladylike, but guess what? Everybody poops. It’s a fact. And your girlfriends won’t care if you talk about poop or farts or weird body things because we’ve all been there.

8. You Can Shower Less And Feel Great About It. Showering everyday isn’t exactly a requirement. It dries out your skin and can really mess with the oils in your hair. If you don’t want to shower every day, that’s totally chill. I mean, keep yourself clean and all, but nobody is going to judge you for skipping a shower here and there.

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