Echosmith’s “Let’s Love” Is All You Need To Get Excited For Back To School

We’ve officially hit mid-August and unfortunately it’s time to start thinking about…back to school…ugh. But before you start shedding tears and desperately clinging on to your crop tops and sundresses, there’s a silver lining to the seasonal change on the horizon in the form of Echosmith‘s new video for “Let’s Love.”

The indie-rock sibling outfit brought in disco balls, confetti, glitter, dancers and more to create all the #homecominggoals to get you pumped for Fall fun. Sure hitting the books isn’t always something to celebrate, but the perks that come along with months of learning are more than enough reason to prompt a smile and a little excitement of getting back in the groove of reading writing and arthimetic…right?

OK so maybe I haven’t convinced you quite yet, but click on the video above and you’ll see what I mean.