EXCLUSIVE: Starling Glow’s Newest EP Teaser!

We are SO excited to be able to share this with you guys because we know you are going to love it! Starling Glow has released the newest teaser from her upcoming EP to us and we are so pumped for it.

Starling Glow is a pop/rock band fronted by the incredible Liz Hill coming from Orange County, California. Starling Glow might be familiar to you guys because back in June she released a hit single titled We Are Infinate that reached number 19 on Billboard’s club chart.

On top of teasing us with her new EP, Starling Glow is playing a show at Room 5 in Los Angeles on February 6th so if you guys are in LA be sure to check her out!

Check out the video for her newest single, Ignite, below and be sure to grab Starling Glow’s EP when its released on March 24!