The Best Of Mine 2014

This year has been crazy, not only for me. During these 12 months happened too many things. But now I want to think about the best things. Happiness and sadness are a part of life as the seasons. I hope that the next year will bring us a lot of love and acceptance. Althouh we are different, we have a common part-soul.

The nicest moments of mine 2014 are inside my heart but I want to share them with you. I’m a blogger, but I’m shy to say out loud. It’s so terrible odd. But this is me. I’m always afraid to write.

But what was the most important to me during this year?

I think that contact with the people, friends, family and readers. I love you and every contact with you is precious to me. And I can’t forget about my supporters, thank you for every single feedback with hope and love. You made this year 🙂


Art is hidden inside me, inside a little box where hope lives… I can’t stay alive without art, because this is my air, my the only drug. And this is true that without art we don’t have any personality. So stay yourself and breath pure art. Show business catagorized us. I don’t like when critics say that this is cool, so let’s spreading it or something doesn’t fit to their taste so we can’t let know the people about it. This is like a nightmare because true talents almost don’t have a chance to be discovered. But this is true world where jealous is new price. I don’t accept it. So I follow just true artists.

MUSIC I’m addecited from music. It’s true. Music is the best medicine. This year musicians created a lot of masterpieces. Particular important to me is music from Kerli. I love Seven Lions “Worlds Apart” where she featured. And clip to this magic song stole my heart. And I can’t wait to hear her new album. I’m so happy that now she does what she loves because Kerli deserve for everything the best.

“Dancing With Lightning” from Kellee Maize is just perfect. In this year she released two albums! “The 5th Element”(I was surprised when on cover I saw my photo because “the album design features over 1,000+ fans that sent pictures of themselves…” ) and “The Remixes”.

Outcast Youth. I’m so happy because Pabs announced new Outcast Youth web page. I hope that in the next year we will listen to his warm, full of hope and true rap. He is a master. Check out his page: here And new music from Polish Zeus, B.R.O, Lukasyno, L.U.C and Pawbeats stole my heart too. But I’ll talk more about it on my Polish blog 🙂

MOVIES I have two favorite movies from this year. I think about:

“Starving In Suburbia” – this movie touched me terribly. Story can be about every of our closest. But the movie is about very big problem, about pro ana communities on the web.

“My 89 Generation( original title “Moje 89 Pokolenie”)”. This movie is more than valid to me. I feel part of this stories inside my life. I’m so happy that I could to watch this documentary film. „MY 89 GENERATION” is a crowdsourcing documentary film, that consists of footage recorded by the heroes of the movie themselves: young people born after 1989. We asked them to send us their own films. Out of tens of hours of footage we have chosen our seven main characters, young people striving for their dreams while living through their first loves, betrayals and breakups. These are the stories of Wojtek, Ela, Mikołaj, Martyna, Adam, Łukasz and Małgosia. They are all passion-driven people, who want to make their dreams come true, they seek for love and ways to express their affections and emotions, although they do not always know how to do it properly. by PROidentificationTV INTERVIEWS

I can’t believe that during these months I had a chance to interview Lindsey Stirling, Elen Levon, Kelsy Karter, C.J. Daugherty, Rye Rye, Queen Of The Static Opera, Sever from Sumo Cyco, EBY, Headfunk’d Apparel, Micah BlackLight, Ace Wilder, Cristina Burns, Neeshabetha Lanithro Lomtev, Kenz Torres, P Cat, Yöri, Tiffany Pratt from Canadian “Buy It! Fix It! Sell It!” and from Poland: Folku and Patsin M ski Blue.

Thank you so much for support my articles, lyrics and drawings. Thank you so much for made this year so special to me. And plans for the next year? I want to do what I love but the continuation will be difficult. I have to find new job. I dream about finding work that connects with my art but unfortunately it’s not possible….

But I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year

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