The Final Chapter

hi there.

many years ago i started a blog, highkicksandhighhopes, where most of you found me. soon after I was approached to join a blogging collective and brought my thoughts and life over to buzznet. you’ve been my home and ears and heart for so long, that it’s been a challenge during the past few weeks to pull myself back from sharing my life with you here. I shared my engagement with you here first, our wedding, i shared my first big red carpet, i shared my worst days, my best days, some terrible photos i wish i hadn’t- you’ve been my internet best friend for so long, but today is officially my last day here on buzznet.

i want to use this day to inspire you, and share with you that when i came to buzznet i was obsessed with getting just 10,000 people to look at my blog. i remember checking my numbers 6 times a day, excited when people were looking at my blogs! i woke up in the morning and sat at my kitchen table in my pajamas and worked from early in the morning until dinner time to create and write and make this blog a success. last month, 11 million eyes looked at this blog. that blows my mind. 11 MILLION! i hope that this story inspired you to know that, hard work can literally get you anywhere. it isn’t who you are, how many twitter followers you have, how much money, or how many friends that defines your life- it’s 100% how hard you are willing to work for what you want.

your dreams are just a step away and i hope that when you get low, or feel the walls of your life closing in on you that you will think of the over 20,000 blogs i wrote while i was on buzznet, and those super special heartblogs and know that YOU CAN DO IT. i believe in you. it’s not going to be easy, life won’t always be fair, but it’s how you deal with the journey that matters.

while i won’t be part of buzznet anymore, i have launched a super swanky youtube channel where you can keep up with me. please visit and subscribe!

as always,

highkicks and highhopes,

xx Keltie.