Tokio Hotel TV 2014 [EP 09] ’Pflaumensaft‘

Hello my dear Buzzneters,

here we are with a new Tokio Hotel TV episode as usual 😉

I have a bad news, unfortunately this will be the last episode for a while, I really hope TH TV comes back soon with brand new episodes, I’m gonna miss to see my four crazy boys every Wednesday with a new behind the scenes video but luckily I could check all the episodes when I want, watching them over and over again and I hope you will do the same 😉

This episode is definitely my favorite so far with the previous one, they are the funniest ever. I laughed a lot until tears, they are soooo crazy and their jokes are out of this world HAHAHA they are the reasons why my days are brighter 🙂

For this occasion I’d like to share with you also some GIFs of this episode, the most epic moments, or at least few of them!

In this seven minutes you are gonna see Bill singing on Spice Girls’ Wannabe and playing the usual melody at the piano he knows since 2007, Gustav going nast slapping Tom’s ass, Georg’s name forgot by everyone, Tom’s explaination on his fast driving and an exclusive part dedicated to JoJo Wright interview series all to laugh!

Check it out below:

Oh and for who’s asking what Pflaumensaft means… it’s plum juice 😉

Thanks so much for all your comments and buzzes, thanks Buzznet for all the shares on the community and on Twitter.

I really hope TH TV will come back soon 😉


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