I tried to find some good things but not many vanity plates showed up or when they did I didn’t get the time to photograph them. Everything I take photos of are taken in seconds or a minute at the most.I hope you find some interesting ………

This sticker was on the car that had the Irish Pirate Skull. Long Island being on the Atlantic Ocean makes for a good Salt Life. We even have some salt farms here 😀

And old time barber shops this one is in my town 😀

Lot’s of horses here so lot’s of horse and rider stickers 😀

Sadly we have more cars than horses : (

You can always find events going on here and all the mess their signs make hopefully this corner will look good someday when they build something new there 😀

Tweetie Pie doesn’t look happy being at Walmart 😀

Mr.T, Rocky and Apollo Creed look even more unhappy in the Claw Machine 😀

I’m not sure if this is for X-Men ?

Back in my town these people decided to put new traffic lines on the street just when I was trying to get someplace On-Time !!!

Can’t be in a hurry here there is always so much traffic, I try to avoid driving through town as much as I can ……

And dirty people who thrown trash out of their car windows : (

The show Beatlemania will be taking over our Performing Arts Center soon, I saw that show On Broadway in NYC back in the 60’s many times, of course the cast now is a lot Younger 😀

We have many dance studios here ……

There were police cars in the church that day, never a dull moment in my town !!

Soccer is very popular here so Lot’s of Soccer Moms 😀

Home Depot has race car shopping carts for the Kiddo’s

While the adults drive Kiddie Cars !!! LOL

My neighbor drives his vintage muscle car to the supermarket : )

But I can say that DOGS seem to rule the most when it comes to stickers on cars 😀

Well I hope you enjoyed another trip ON THE ROAD with me 😀