So here I am with another installment of ON THE ROAD with JJ ….. Of course I found some interesting things while driving, in the parking lots or just as something pop’s up in front of my camera 😀

Like Miss Tinkerbell 😀

Or a Dancing Bee in my doctors office 😀

I think his Game is Over !!!

Maybe he met this Lovely Lady 😀

Always sitting in traffic …….

KYM has a TOY ……

And they have a BABY on BOARD …….


Sitting in traffic again 😀

Don’t see Vespa’s here very often 😀

I always drive over this bridge it’s right by my house ….

This is one of my favorite Antique shops it has so many treasures in there I have bought lot’s of great things for my house 😀

This lady must have a Horse to Ride 😀

They definitely like Star Wars 😀

I see a lot of stickers and vanity plates with tributes to deceased people, this is one and he was young : (

Sitting and waiting for my dinner to be delivered to my car 😀

Waiting at a light in my town I thought the sky looked pretty 😀

Waiting in traffic again but I make the most of it 😀

I didn’t meet the dog but Long Island dogs can be very spoiled 😀

Breenda ….. I Am The Big Dog ?

I See a Phoenix Rising there ……

And a nice colorful Stick Family here 😀

We have SO many Canadian Geese here that we need a Geese Control Company. All their methods are humane 🙂

I love some of the cute buildings here in my town. This one is a restaurant /bar combination 😀

Now for my last photo I saw this vanity plate and had no idea what it said until I had walked away. I figured it out and ran back to get the photo. Annie will like this one ….


So that is it for this time, So many cool things to take photos of ON THE ROAD 😀