HOT or NOT? Katy Perry Is Extra 90s Grunge In Sheer Green Dress

Katy Perry stepped out in Canada this weekend showing off her rocker side we first fell in love with.

Rocking a sheer green dress to match her slime green hair, Katy strolled through the Toronto Village with her friends taking a little break from her Prismatic World Tour. She paired this see through dress with a studded choker and matching studded Converse sneakers. I also spy some tie-dye socks under there! OH and a fanny pack.

She also got a little goofy in one of the classrooms and posted this pic to her Instagram saying” Took my time machine to a 19th century village and still got in trouble”

This isn’t my FAVORITE outfit of Katy’s but she’s taking a break from her world tour for the day so I give her the pass to wear whatever she wants!

What do YOU think of her outfit?