Is Benji Madden Moving In With Cameron Diaz?!

In Hollywood, we’re used to seeing some pretty unlikely celebrities fall in love. Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden are the most recent twosome to catch more than a few fans off-guard, but from all the papparazzi pics splashed across the internet, it looks like it’s the real deal!

Cameron, 41, and Benji, 35, first stepped out as lovebirds back in May, and according to, it sounds like the two are on a fast track to saying, “I do.”

A source told the celebrity news mag, Benji and Cameron are so tight they are rarely spending any time apart, making it seem like they’re ready to move in together!

“Benji spends so much time at Cameron’s that it seems he now kind of lives there,” the source spilled. “They look very happy together. Cameron hasn’t looked this happy for years.”

Awww! We love hearing that!

We hope these two are in it for the long haul, and according to another source, it sounds like it that hope could quickly become a reality!

“It’s early, but they have talked about marriage,” they said.

Wow! Best of luck to them!

What do you think of Cameron and Benji? Totally random or a match made in heaven?