Within Temptation: Hydra Live Tour / Milan, Italy [June 26, 2014]

Hello Buzzneters,

such a concert last Thursday in Milan. I’m so happy to tell you my experience with a huge smile on my face.

First of all I have to say that in part is thanks to me Within Temptation come back in Italy, because I constantly tweeted to them to come in the end of last year and in the first months of 2014 and so on February 27 they revealed to come back in Italy in Summer and I got the tickets for me and my parents.

On June 26, around 10/10:30 am in the morning I went outside the location (Alcatraz, just like in 2011) and I was pretty impressed to have seen (already) a lot of people waiting in line, I remember in 2011 I went there at 5pm and there wasn’t a lot of people and I arrived in front row (from Stefan’s side), so this time I was worried that the front row couldn’t be mine, I can’t attend a concert without being in front row. This same thought came also to two guys in line just in front of me, Simona and Antonio, and we started to talk and I was glad to know two fans like me, with the same thoughts and opinions, not only about Within Temptation but about music in general. So the hours could go on faster if I had to talk with someone, then another little group of three fans: two girls and a boy, started to talk with us and we also had fun making crosswords. I had the best time waiting for a concert, seriously.

We were more quiet when we understood the front row could be ours when we standed up and waited for the doors opening and at 7:30pm we were inside, in front row, and I was just in front of Ruud (my favorite member, one of the two guitarists). I was incredibly happy!

The opener band was Italian and they were Temperance. They were really good, the singer really sounded and looked like Simone Simons of Epica, I think (and the same thought the group I knew outside) she should find her mark inside this music area and don’t look like too much to another famous singer. They weren’t bad though.

The adrenaline was every second higher and meanwhile Temperance was playing I turned my head to the left and I saw Jeroen (WT’s bassist) in the backstage, drinking a beer and talking with a crew member. I was like: OH GOSH, IT’S JEROEN! and I thought it was the perfect moment for giving him the gifts for the band (a Sharon portrait, a letter, few photos from the 2011 concert I’ve been and a drawing of the whole band in funny style), I asked the bodyguard if he could give Jeroen my gifts and he said: “no” I was like; 🙁 I probably made a Bambi face so he said me: “I put your gifts on stage when Temperance finish to play, before Within start to play!” and I was: “oh thank you so much!” and so he did. He put my gifts near on Ruud’s place *_* and immediately a WT’s crew member brought it and put it in the backstage. I was so happy!

A few minutes after 9pm lights turned off and on the maxi screen appeared the word MILAN and the audience went crazy, we started to scream as louder as we could and then the first notes of “Let Us Burn” (Hydra’s lead track) started to play. One by one the members appeared on stage and Sharon started to sing the first lines of the song and the crowd too.

I have to say that since the beginning I interacted a lot with Ruud, he looked at me for the most part of the time when he stayed in his place and we have sung together for half of the show. I still remember when in October 2011 we shared few verses of “Iron” song, and we shared again the same on Thursday. It was amazing!

If I’ve sung with Ruud half concert, the other half I’ve sung it with Stefan (the other guitarist) and Sharon, which came to my side so many times and sent me a kiss too awww

Sharon was more beautiful than ever, her voice was wonderful, like a lullaby. When she stopped to talk her voice was really low, but when she was singing her voice was controlled and clean. I don’t know how she can sing and jump at the same time!

The setlist of the show was really awesome, they also performed “See Who I Am” from “The Silent Force” album, I’ve never seen this song live with my ears, since in 2011 they didn’t play it but this time they did and I have to thank them for that.

During “Edge Of The World” I started to cry. I really love that song, I reflect a lot in it and I couldn’t stop my tears, I was singing and crying at the same time.

WT played for almost two hours but for me it seemed only a couple of minutes. The energy on stage and in the crowd was really higher and for this reason Ruud at some point jumped off stage and surfed on the crowd. I was like: “Oh Gosh, he’s the craziest!!! I LOVE HIM!” He never did it before, or at least, I’ve never seen a video in which he does it!

While during “Covered By Roses” some fans threw on stage several roses for Sharon, and then with one of them, a white fake rose she started to direct us during the choir of “Mother Earth” but the petals teared off the stem and she remained with it in her hand and her face was like: “WTF?!” XD and then threw it away hahah

A member of the crew walked on stage and gave Sharon a glass of wine and she cheered to us! It was such a lovely time.

I have to say this concert was one of the best I attended and definitely even better than the other one I was of WT in 2011. I don’t know why, probably for the great vibes, have met nice people, have shared the songs with the band for the whole time… I don’t know. But what I know is that I will love WT for the rest of my life. They are one of my fav artists ever.

Thanks so much for all the emotions.

I love you


Let Us Burn Paradise (What About Us?) Faster Iron Edge of the World In the Middle of the Night Our Solemn Hour Angels Dangerous And We Run Fire and Ice See Who I Am Stand My Ground The Cross Covered By Roses Mother Earth What Have You Done Summertime Sadness (Lana Del Rey cover) Ice Queen

I really hope you like my gallery of photos, feel free to comment, ask me anything, buzzing and suggesting them 😉


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