Who Pranked Zac Efron?!

it’s my personal opinion that we don’t know nearly enough about Zac Efron. We’ve all seen his abs, watched his movies and wondered what he’s really like to hang with! Turns out he’s laid back and can roll with the punches when it comes to being pranked on set!

Zac’s been pretty busy with tons of new film projects and recently opened up about how getting star struck gave Seth Rogan the opportunity to mess with him while filming their new movie Neighbors.

“I idolize Seth, he’s my hero,” he said. “I would literally do anything he asked. He would say, ‘Zac, shirt off” and I’d be like, ‘Yes sir!’ Eventually I realized the cameras weren’t even pointing in my direction. He was just f—king with me.”

LOLZzzzz…thats the kind of prank I def don’t mind! Keep it up Seth!