The Most Powerful Campaigns

We don’t talk about problems because we don’t want to share with the world the dark memories. But, today I’ll give you the most powerful campaigns because I don’t want to be quiet. These campaignes touched me and I will never forget about them.

“Liking isn’t helping” for the Crisis Relif organization shows us that “liking” photos on Facebook will not help in any way people who need help.

“What if we treat others sick people as we treat sick people with HIV?” is a Brazilian campaign against HIV by Grupo Vhiver.

“You can’t see them but the scars from verbal abuse are real and can last for years”. Campaign on verbal abuse for KAFA.

Eating Disorders Campaigns

By Oliviero Toscani for the Italian fashion brand No-l-ita.

“The ads, which are aimed at raising awareness about eating disorders, feature Isabelle Caro, a French oman, who had battled the disease for more than 15 years, shows her exposed breasts and frail, naked body. She had said that she was decided to show her body for people to know and to see how the disease impacts the body.

The advertising campaign is considered to be controversial because there are people who think the photo is too crude. Unfortunately Caro died on 17 November 2010 in France.”- via

“Hanger” by Publicis adverstising agency for Campaign Against Anorexia in Spain.

Campaign for Forum Crisalide

“MOUTH” by Publics Espana for Campaign Against Anorexia in Spain

“Reality doesn’t always stare you in the face”- Obesity/Anorexia Kills by Choices Clinic, Lebanon.

“Set Them Free” by McCann- Erickson for Campaign Against Anorexia Israel.


Anti- Bullying Campaigns

By Joe Calzaghe

ISPCC anti-bullying campaign

Anti-Bullying Campaign for NVEEE


Sexual Abuse: