Miley Caught J-Law Doing What?!

OMG…this is actually kind-of funny. Celebs are put up on pedestals by fans and admiring peers, but in all reality, they’re people just like you and I who make bad decisions sometimes!

At a recent visit to Late Night With Seth Meyers, Jennifer Lawrence spilled on the time she spewed chunks in front of Miley Cyrus!


“I was like, ‘Okay, I’m going out for the first time,’ ” Jen said, who told Seth she doesn’t like going out after events because she is “just so sick of people by that point.”

“But this time, I was like, ‘I’m going out,’ she shared. “There’s this big fancy party, this Guy Oseary and Madonna party – if you get invited, you’re like, you know, super-important,” and I puked, on his porch. I was in such bad condition, and I look behind me while I’m puking, and Miley Cyrus is there like, ‘Get it together.’ ”

Wow…I can’t even deal with the thought of throwing up in front of a celebrity…much less Miley!

Good then Jennifer can let things like that roll off her back and make a joke of it! Hahaha…she’s the chillest.

Which celeb would you be mortified to puke in front of?